Microwave Transceivers

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Microwave Transceivers

Wave has developed several single board transceivers integrating: Receiver, Transmitter and Synthesizer.
From S band up to Ka band Wave microwave transceivers are custom designed to meet customer requirements.
Using highly integrated SMT technology Wave transceivers are designed to optimized price / performance.
Wave Transceivers are designed to meet harsh environment requirements: vibration, shock, high temperature. Final applications range from: UAVs, Airborne, Trucks, Missile, Telecom Datalinks.



Wave Datalink Transceiver are designed to work with complex digital data signals supporting: QAM, ASK, Spread Spectrum and Frequency Hopping.
Wave transceivers can manage up to 1GHz instantaneous bandwidth supporting high data rate transmission.
Transceivers can be coupled with high performance digitizers boards for custom waveform based Datalink.


Wave Transceiver can be used in channel emulators where wide band, wide instantaneous band are needed.
Equipped with high spectral purity wideband synthesizers, Wave Transceivers can up and down convert the emulated signal without influence or modification.
Wave Transceivers can be designed with several different interfaces for connection to high speed digitizer boards: PCIe, Coaxial, miniPCIe.


Wave can design and manufacture ISM transceivers working in different bands:
– Sub-GHz IOT applications
– 1GHz up to 6GHz Wireless Lan for data transmission
Using low cost SMT technologies Wave transceivers can met the most demanding price/performance requirements for industrial applications.


Wave SDR frontends are designed to extend SDR working frequencies up to 60GHz.
Modern SDR are designed to work with and high performance frontend delivering sufficiently low NF and output power with high efficiency.
Wave frontend can be custom tailored to be compatible with any commercial SDR. Completely customizable both in the RF performances and control interfaces Wave frontends can fit any type of application from industrial to defence.