High Power Solid State Amplifier

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High Power Solid State Amplifier

Wave design and manufacture SSPA in GaN technology for many different applications both wideband and custom specific frequencies.
SSPA Wave competencies comprehend:
– HPA RF IC, MMIC development
– Power Bar based System on Module (SoM)
– Hybrid modules with real time FPGA based monitoring and TCP/IP remote control
Wave SSPAs are designed for harsh environments: naval, truck, airborne, responding to MIL standards.
Starting form 10W in Ka band up to 1kW in L band Wave SSPAs can match the most demanding requirements both for CW and Pulsed applications.
Wave is specialized in ITAR-Free SSPA design and production.



Wave GaN SSPAs are designed to be operated as TWT replacements or HPA stage in AESA Radar.
Wave SSPAs ranges from P Band up to Ka Band with an output power of few Watts up to 1kW.
Designed to guarantee millions of hours of MTBF they are the perfect choice for old radar revamping.
Wave SSPAs designed for radar applications are equipped with an autonomous real time monitoring system to protect against out-of-spec gate signal, output VSWR, transistor fault, over temperature, anomalous voltage and current absorption.
SSPAs can be equipped with Serial (RS485, 422) o Ethernet link for telemetry and control.
For Phase Array applications they can be equipped with Variable Attenuators and Phase Shifter.
For AESA radar MMIC in GaN technology are available.


Wave designs and manufactures Jammers for different applications:
– Man Portable
– Car Mountable
– Jamming fixed stations
Standard Wideband Jammers ranges from 100MHz up to 6GHz, higher frequencies up to Ka band can be easily included.
Wave Jammers have a state-of-the-art efficiency (50% and higher) enabling portable, battery operated, jamming stations.
Thanks to the high efficiency they can be easily air cooled even at the highest output power.
Fully remote controllable via Serial or TCP/IP link for maximum deployment flexibility.


Wave designs and manufacture SSPAs for digital communication applications where high linearity and high efficiency are crucial to sustain high data-rate links. High order QAM and APSK digital modulations requires very specific SSPA design in order to reach the required power by 5G wide coverage areas or GEO satellite up-link
Wave SSPAs can operate over a very wide frequency range supporting the following target applications:
– IOT: high efficiency P band – L band miniaturized amplifiers
– 5G and LTE Pro: compact, cost efficient and high efficiency wide band SSPAs: L band up 6GHz and beyond. Supporting carrier aggregation, TDD and FDD operations
– DVB-S2x: X, Ku, Ka band for next generation satellite up-link
– ISM: general purpose digital communication in the 100MHz – 6GHz frequency range.