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Wave is specialized in designing custom products starting from customer requirement. Design team has more than 15 years of experience in microwave MMIC and module design.
Design expertise cover all the functions in transmitter and receivers: LNA, HPA, Mixer, MODEM, VCO, Synthesizer, Filters
Frequency bands spans from 100MHz up to 94GHz with different technologies:
– Alumina, LTCC, Thick Film Hybrids
– GaAs, GaN MMIC
Electric, Electromagnetic, Mechanical and Environmental simulations are the basis of Wave Design Cycle.
Specific expertise in many different applications, each requiring specific competencies:
– Defence: airborne, trucks, missiles. MIL standard compliant hardware
– Space: on-board and ground segmend equipment. ESA ECSS compliance
– Telecom and Industrial: CE marking, RED compliance.



From system level simulation down to PCB layout each step of a modern RF and Microwave module or MMIC is mastered by the Wave project team.
Full behavioural TX and RX modelling for RF chains dimensioning using real waveforms.
Linear and non-linear electronic simulation of circuits including active and passive components using vendor specific model libraries
Electromagnetic simulation of planar (filters, couplers, etc…) and 3D structures (transition, connector, packages)
Mechanical design of electronic housing and custom test fixtures.
Simulation and RF board optimization after environmental stress analysis: vibrations, shocks, static load.
Full 3D modelling of complex assemblies including cables and harness.


Requirement Definition
Wave design team helps customer in requirements definition with extensive system simulation using detailed behavioural models of the Rf and microwave components.

Yield optimization
Manufacturing Yield Optimization is the key target of Wave design process.
Each Wave design should respect the customer manufacturing target yield. To do that Wave helps its customer to select suppliers and characterize their manufacturing process since the very beginning of the project.
Once Wave has characterized all the manufacturing process the design for manufacturing process starts.

Once the requirements are defined concurrent electrical and mechanical design processes are activated in order to perform detailed design of the electronic circuits: RF, microwave, power supply, telemetry and telecommand, together with their mechanical housing.
Concurrent, in house, electrical and mechanical design is the key element for project optimization.
Design for manufacturing approach is used since the very beginning of the project since each Wave design will be ready for cost optimization industrialization process.
Keysight ADS and Dassault Solid Works.

Depending on the final product: MMIC, RF PCB, Alumina hybrid the most appropriate layout tool is used.
RF PCB with thousands of components are easily managed with Altium Designer.
Customer component library use is possible together with the capability to import/export customer layout from the most used CAD tools: Mentor, Cadence, Zuken, etc…

Environmental Simulation
A true industrialized product should undergo all the required environmental simulations in order to guarantee real-life performances.
Wave supports its customer with a complete set of environmental simulations: thermal, vibration, shock, static following MIL standards.