Qualified Professionals


Wave designs since 2005 GaAs MMICs for Satellite On-Board payload. With GaN advent Wave has started design GaN HPA, LNA, High Power Switches for T/R Modules.
Wave has acquired ESA ECSS compliant design experience in the frame of MMICs and Hybrid product design. Wave is compliant to ECSS-Q-ST-60-12C for MMIC design.
Wave is active in the SATCOM equipment development: LNAs and SSPAs from P band up to Ka band guaranteeing the power and linearity required for next generation DVB-S2X communication.

Qualified Professionals


Wave develops defence dedicated products with design processes compliant to MIL standard. Thank to its multi-domain, in house, simulations capability the most demanding MIL standard requirement can be simulated on the products for a preliminary assessment of environmental stress.
Wave has developed during years proprietary solution for MIL compliance in harsh environments such as: high temperature, high vibration and shock.
Wave expertise includes the following products:
– Datalink frontend for military applications requiring fast frequency hopping and spread spectrum capability. Target applications are: UAVs, Missiles, Vehicle
– Radar SSPAs based on GaN technology. Target applications are: TWT replacement, new radar development, AESA radar
– Wideband receiver for Electronic Warfare from few MHz up to 40GHz. Target Applications are: ELINT and COMINT. Developed platforms include fixed, man-portable and UAVs
– Channel emulator frontend with extremely wide band and low phase noise for S to Ka band coverage ready to drive ultra-fast acquisition boards with up to 1GHz of instantaneous bandwidth.

Qualified Professionals


Wave has acquired specific competencies in the digital modulated signal based telecommunication equipment. 5G and LTE Advanced Pro needs specific competencies in the design of RF frontend in order to guarantee the required linearity, output power and noise figure.
Wave developed specific “design platform” for HPAs dedicated to 5G and LTE Advanced Pro which can deliver high output power (48dBm and higher) guaranteeing a low EVM at the highest data rate.
For low frequency IOT applications Wave can deliver complete TX/RX solutions covering the ISM bands up to 6GHz.
Wave competencies spreads also in the Automatic Test Equipment where wideband Up/Down converters and single RF functions such as amplifiers, mixers, attenuators are required.