Wave releases 0,2-18GHz wide band receiver for Spectrum Surveillance


Wave releases 0,2-18GHz wide band receiver for Spectrum Surveillance

Wave has successfully designed and prototyped a wide band 0,2 – 18GHz receiver dedicated to Electronic Warfare, Spectrum Security and Satellite Elint. It has been developed in the frame of a public funded contract by Regione Lazio under the Strategical Aerospace Funding, POR 2014-2020. The project number is A0113-2017- 13656,  date 31/01/2017, code CUP F87H18000020007, Code Name: “Ganimede 4 Sigint (G4S)”. The project has been funded in the frame of the public fund named “Avviso Pubblico “Aerospazio e Sicurezza” di cui alla Det. n. G13676 del 21/11/2016 – POR FESR LAZIO 2014 – 2020 – Progetti integrati – Codice progetto A0115E 0030 COD. COR 202092- 202093- 202094- 202095- 202096- 202097”.

FrontEnd is tought to be used in UAV dedicated ELINT systems. Compact and lightweight the FrontEnd has multiple low spurs synthesizers, high linear LNAs and a low loss filter bank for interference mitigation. Designed to have a selectable IF bandwidth up to 1GHz, ready to drive high speed ADCs.

Together with a pool of Italian SMEs and University a complete ELINT system has been prototyped covering

the 2-18GHz.

The ELINT has been embarked on an ultra-light aircraft for on-field testing with simulated radar sources.

Successful in-flight validation of the whole system has been made in the countryside near Rome Italy.

The 0,2-18GHz FrontEnd is the first one of a new line of wide-band receivers dedicated to Electronic


Additional information available on-request contacting sales@wave-srl.com.

The Project has been funded in the frame of the EU POR/FESR 2014-2020 (https://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/it/funding/erdf/)

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