Wave expands its int. presence participating to the A2W project


Wave expands its int. presence participating to the A2W project

Wave participated to the ATEN IS TO THE WORLD Project (A2W) cofounded by Regione Lazio in the frame
of EU POR/FESR 2014-2020 public fund.

Wave collaborated with other Italian SMEs with the aim of expanding their presence in the following countries: Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, USA

The main objectives intended for this Project are:
– To consolidate the international activities
– To systematize the way companies, collaborate to target new international markets.
– These goals have been achieved through the following actions:
– Defining commercial and marketing strategies to promote the Companies and their solutions
– Realizing devised Web Marketing strategies
– Strengthening alliances with local partners and stakeholders: main contractors, institutions,
municipalities, universities and research institutes
– Participating in trade shows and B2B meeting
– Obtaining certifications required to operate and export to target countries
– Boosting new partnerships and projects
– Targeting new markets.

Finally, the Project also aims to supplement expansion into international markets with Innovation; The
international technological and commercial demand can be the drive of new partnerships for the
development of new solutions.

ATEN IS TO THE WORLD Project is part of a framework of cooperation with Tecnopolo spa.
Wave received a public contribution of 18.148,89€ to fund project activities.

Additional information available on-request contacting sales@wave-srl.com

The Project has been funded in the frame of the EU POR/FESR 2014-2020

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